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We are on! Let’s start the ball rolling! Put it in writing and publish it here!

Take out your pens, pencils, and colors. ‘Imagination’ is believed to be stronger than knowledge paving way to innovation. This is your limitless platform to showcase your talents and explore your imagination and creativity.

We are all set to take your creative works to an online space where you can communicate with thousands of viewers. You are requested to submit your poems, stories, articles, interviews, drawings and artworks. We are looking for ideas, observations, and storylines most real and relevant to readers.

Please carefully read the information on submission and processing guidelines before you contribute your work here.

Criteria for submission

Children belongs to an age group of 3- 17 can submit their works in respective categories.

Content including but not limited to poems, stories, interviews, articles on various topics ranging from business, arts, sports as well as paintings and drawings can be submitted.

Written content must directly type and submit into the website where as Paintings and drawings need to be in jpeg or png format

All submissions are subject to be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length.

Submission Process welcomes submissions from writers and artists ages 17 and younger. In order to submit your works kindly follow the process below, Fulfill the form below & upload your content.

The content will be carefully verified by our editorial team.

Kindly note that its not mandate that every content you upload will get published. It will be published only after the accreditation from our editorial board.

You will receive and email with a link as soon as your work is online.

If we are publishing your work, you will hear from us in 4 to 6 weeks; if you do not hear from us, it means we were not able to use your work. Don’t be discouraged! Try again!

Terms & Conditions

please read these carefully and let us know if you have any questions regarding them.You can always contact us via

You are solely responsible for your conduct on the site and for any content, including but not limited to designs, text, graphics, pictures, information and other files (collectively, “Content”), that you contribute to the Site.

only children belong to the age group of 3- 17 are permitted to post in the portal.

You will not attempt to post false, abusive, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory or offensive content you represent and warrant that your content: will not infringe upon or misappropriate any copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property right or proprietary right or right of publicity or privacy of any person and will not violate any law or regulation.

Suggested word count is usually ballpark of 500-1500 words, but shorter or longer is always fine as long as you feel you’ve kept the readers’ interest. Content has to be accessible, understandable, and there must be a point or message that’s worth sharing.

We reserve the right to choose what we use for final publication, for aesthetic reasons and/or copyright issues Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish content are made at the discretion of the Editorial board and are based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to readers, timeliness and caliber of content. We reserve the right to exercise its editorial judgment and reject any content at any time for any reason.

We’d like submissions to be free of typos and grammatical errors. Please proof read your article before submission.

You are requested not to submit works which was published previously in other websites or magazines.

Submit only complete works, we will not consider partially completed works.

Do not submit content that is promotional in any way. Any content that contains promotional elements or advertising will be rejected.